burn 100 calories,



- 40 jumping jacks

- 30 crunches

- 20 squats

- 10 pushups

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Getting my rope on! I love it…this is my fav exercise right now. I can pick up my rope at any time and just jump. I can do it b/t commercials, reading/posting post, anything…I nvr thought it would be this fun. I’m always trying to break my last record and I think that’s what keeps me entertained. Any who back to roping.

Happy fitness,


aye…watch me werk! lol!

aye…watch me werk! lol!

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This week has been tough. My dieting hasn’t been the best and exercise…I think I forget what it even was. But I did just do some roping & I enjoyed it. My friend has the weighted gold’s gym jump rope. I’m going to include this my routine, maybe 2 to 3 times a week, I’m not sure yet.

stay motivated loves…

happy fitness


Jillian just kicked my butt…it’s like I haven’t worked out in ages! whew! round II later tonight.

Do you know any good recipes? I really wnt to try something new, a ckn recipe preferably.

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Things happen

2 days w/o working out, it’s ok b/c things happen. Yesterday I was so sick that I did not get a chance to do the shred. But today it’s on. Also I have the px90 so I will start that probably after i’m done w/ Jillian. I’m looking forward to it kicking my butt!!!


Happy fitness loves!


upload my WIW vid. short sweet and to the point.

So you are not seeing results over night, you are not loosing the weight you had planned to lose for this month, your thighs still touch, your tummy is still flabby, your collarbones aren’t showing. Well guess what, this is a long and hard journey, you didn’t gain all that weight overnight so why would you expect to lose it overnight? So stop complaining, get off your sorry ass, keep going and have patience. And by patience I don’t mean sit around and wait for it to magically happen or be on tumblr all day looking at pictures of the girls you wished you looked like, get moving, go for a run, exercise a little, watch what you eat burn some calories and most of all never give up. Take it one day at a time. You WILL do this.


 ^Love this! 

OMG! I needed this push…I hate not seeing the scale move…kinda discouraging. reblog forever.

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